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Scientific Staff
Paul Corkum (Biography) (Curriculum Vitae)
Director for Attosecond and Strong Field Science, NRC
Professor and National Research Council-Canada Research
Chair in Attosecond Photonics,
Department of Physics,University of Ottawa

David Villeneuve (Biography)
Group Leader for Laser Science, Security and Disruptive Technologies, NRC

Andrei Naumov
Serguei Patchkovskii
David Rayner
Mike Spanner
Andre Staudte

Technical Staff
Bert Avery
David Crane

Postdocs and Visitors
Dominik Geissler
Marko Haertelt
TJ Hammond
Dong-Hyuk Ko
Zhengyan Li
Claude Marceau
Sylvain Monchosé
Chunmei Zhang

Graduate Students (uOttawa)
Mathew Britton
Graham Brown
Martin Chiasson
Xiaoyan Ding
Fanqi Kong
Giulio Vampa

Left to Right: Paul Corkum, Andrei Naumov, David Crane,
David Villeneuve, Bert Avery