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In 2008, NRC and uOttawa entered into a new partnership to co-manage research and development in the area of Attosecond Science. Dr. Paul Corkum, Scientific Director for Attosecond and Strong Field Science at NRC, accepted a Canada Research Chair position in the Physics Department at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Corkum and his team at NRC pioneered the development of Attosecond Science over the last 15 years and the body of work generated is recognized globally for its excellence.

Dr. Corkum’s cross-appointment cemented the partnership between both organizations and his new role continues to act as a catalyst for attracting world class talent and expertise to the National Capital Region. The creation of the JASLab is an extension of this partnership that secures Ottawa as the Attosecond Science Capital of the World.

The JASLab, housed at NRC on Sussex Drive is a unique addition to Ottawa’s suite of photonics tools, in which Dr. Corkum, his Team and students can continue to intensify the research program. In particular, it affords greater opportunity for researchers from both NRC and Academia to work in a field being pioneered in Canada, with tremendous strategic potential.

Each partner makes a unique contribution -- the University of Ottawa brings young researchers and a World-class academic environment for post-graduate students, while the National Research Council provides its expertise in attosecond science and its ability to manage large research facilities. Canada's brightest future scientists will be trained at this facility.